San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is the Industrial Capital of Honduras. Its located in the north of the country, aprox 200 kms away from Tegucigalpa. San Pedro Sula is located close to Puerto Cortes, which is the most important Port in the country and one of the biggest in Central America. There is wealth in this city, many car-selling businesses. San Pedro Sula also has areas of interest, downtown and the Coca Cola Viewpoint are some of the most important.

San Pedro Sula is on the Fertile Valley of Sula which provides 62% of the PIB of the country and 68% of the countries exports. The city was founded in 1536 by spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado. San Pedro Sula was developed due to the massive Banana Plantation in the first half of the XX century and now its development is due to the several Textile Factories. The Temperature of the city is hot, humid and very hot. March and april are the hottest months. The rainy season starts in may and finishes in november.