A quaint beach town on the Caribbean coast, Tela is located half way between the cities of San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. Originally the headquarters for the United Fruit Company in Honduras, Tela has a largest concentration of Garifuna villages in the World! The villages of Triunfo de La Cruz, Tornabe, San Juan and Miami are only some of the many Garifuna communities around the lovely Bay of Tela. Some of the best beaches in Honduras are found in Tela. There is one golf course at Villas Telamar Hotel as well as another designer course at the Los Micos Beach and Golf Resort. Tela has two National Parks on either side of the Bay, Jeanette Kawas, known popularly as Punta Sal on the West end of the Bay and Punta Izopo on the East end of the Bay. One of the landmarks in Tela is the Lancetilla Botanical Garden, which is considered the second largest tropical garden in the world!

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