The La Tigra National Park is located in the department of Francisco Morazan, aproximately 15 kilometers to the north-east of Tegucigalpa. The Park has an extension of 24,040 hectares of Forest. The forest is a generator of Pure Water for the Capital of Honduras and a refuge to the Native and Migratory Biodiversity. La Tigra has a big variety of Flora and Fauna, Pine Trees, Ocotes, Avocados, Ferns are the most commmon vegetation. You can also find ocelots, white-tail-deer, kinkajoos, pumas, quetzals, toucans, lizards, frogs, morpho butterflies are the most common animals found in the park.

The park has eitht trails. There are 3 entrances: Jutiapa, El Hatillo and Nuevo Rosario. La Tigra was declared as the first national park of Honduras. The forest is described as a Cloud Forest. The highest altitude point in the park is La Peña de Andino with 2,290 meters above sea level. The average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. La Tigra is composed of land with no forest, where the locals live, pine-cone-trees, there is tropical evergreen forest.