Gracias is the name of an old colonial town in the Lempira department of Western Honduras. Architectural attractions include the San Cristobal Fort, La Merced Church, and San Marcos Cathedral. Important events take place in Lempira Park or Lempira Plaza. In fact, many things in Gracias are named after this Honduran national hero, the Lenca Indian Chief Lempira. The city of Gracias dedicates the entire month of July each year to Mes de la Identidad Nacional (Month of the National Identity), which is the month the warrior Chief Lempira was slain fighting invaders of the national territory. Gracias, in fact, could be considered the heart of the indigenous Lenca people and culture in Honduras. This sprawling peaceful location offers warm springs, hiking, and a few tours of nearby farms and ruins. It is not far from Mount Celaque National Park, which boasts the tallest mountain in Honduras.

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