tourism in honduras

Tourism in Honduras

We can say Tourism is the new big industry and the Hondurean people know this. Honduras isnt currently a big tourism destination, except for the Bay Islands, where American Tourists have been coming for years (many of them stayed). Roatan, Utila and Copan Ruins are probably the places where 90% of the tourists come. The History of Honduras has been characterized by political unstability. Recent political events have affected toursim seriously, Honduras is sometimes a very rough country to visit but thats because its the least visited of the countries in Central America. The reason for this is mainly its bad fame on the International News where Honduras usually appears as a country where people are in constant turmoil and revolts; this can be true in some major cities after some political events, but the tourist spots are respected and usually these spots are too far away from the big cities to be affected.

Honduras is an untouched jewel, from a tourism point of view. Roatan and Utila have been widely exploited by foreigners as a must-dive destination in the caribbean. Roatan´s crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches are uncomparable while Utila´s night life and amazing dive spots are unique. Copan Ruinas is also a very important destination for travellers through Central America. Copan Ruinas is a town on the western side of Honduras which was founded next to the archaeological Mayan site of Copan. This is the only Cultural UNESCO protected site in Honduras and its uniqueness is molded in the writing of the hyeroglyphic staircase which is the longest Mayan writing and which narrates the complete history of Copan. 16 kings governed Copan in a span of less than 500 years.

One of Honduras´biggest attraction is its multi-ethnicity...Honduras is a mix of native indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica, Spanish blood and African descendants. The food and the culture in the same country change from location to location. Our traditional dishes are mostly based on the traditional corn and beans mixed with the modern plantain and coconut flavors. Honduras is the original Banana Republic, the northern coast of the country still bases its diet in banana products like the fried plantain which substitutes the tortilla sometimes.

roatan, bay islands, honduras

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Roatan is the biggest Island in the Hondurean Caribbean. Roatan is part of the Bay Islands, along with Utila and Guanaja. Roatan is reknown for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Roatan is a huge destination for divers from all over the world. Scuba diving shops are everywhere in the Island, hundreds of great spots all over the Island.

Roatan has two main towns, West End and West Bay, both located on the western side of the Island. West end is the inexpensive spot, younger crowds and people wanting to party come to this part of the island. West Bay has an amazing beach in front with a huge coral where you can walk and snorkel on your own. West Bay is full of all-inclusive resorts, perfect for families with young children. The rest of the Island remains virtually untouched.

Roatan has an International Airport with direct flights from the USA. Roatan has also a big dock where many cruises come to visit the amazing beaches.

copan ruinas, honduras

Copan Mayan Ruins, Honduras

Copan Ruinas is a small town in the west of Honduras, its right next to the UNESCO protected site of Copan. This used to be a very important Mayan City with an estimated population of 25,000 people during its Cultural Peak. Copan Ruins town has many museums, restaurants, bars and amazing views from the mountains.

The best ways the arrive to Copan are either flying to San Pedro Sula and then driving 4 hours to Copan Ruinas or flying to San Salvador Airport and then driving 6 hours to Copan Ruinas.

Copan Ruinas is a must visit spot when you come to Honduras.